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Quiltmaker's Circle for Graduates and Alumnae

In recognition of Orchard House School's twenty years of educating middle school girls, we are pleased to announce that we have established The Quiltmaker's Circle, which is designed to encourage and bolster support from current and past families, all of whom make up the fabric of our school culture. We invite you to join The Quiltmaker's Circle to honor your graduated daughter (or daughters) and to help us launch Orchard House School firmly into our next twenty years of educating and inspiring middle school girls.

To join The Quiltmaker's Circle, we are asking you to make an annual financial commitment for the next five years to Orchard House School at a level that you feel reflects the value of your daughter's experience and the overall mission of the school.

As a part of The Quiltmaker's Circle, you will know that your pledge of a gift is making a difference to our school and helping to secure its future. In addition to the school's strong academic focus, we all know that it is the experiences, friendships, and life lessons learned while at Orchard House School that truly make it a special place for each girl—past, present and future.

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