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Building With a Purpose Campaign

Celebrating our 20th anniversary, Orchard House School is a leader in the education and development of adolescent girls, and we are the only standalone middle school for girls in the Greater Richmond area. Our mission is to educate and inspire middle school girls in a responsive, academically engaging community that fosters each girl’s intellectual curiosity, social responsibility, emotional integrity, and physical wellbeing. Orchard House nurtures girls through their most challenging developmental stages, helping them grow to be confident leaders, creative thinkers, and artistic innovators – each a young woman who has found her voice and knows how to use it. Orchard House School thrives in a century-old building in the heart of Richmond’s historic Fan District. Our proximity to museums, parks, and universities enriches our programming, allowing us to use the city as our expanded classroom and athletic field. We have nurtured bonds of community service and friendship with organizations like Greenfield Residences, The Virginia Home, and the Ronald McDonald House. Our historical brick beauty on Allen Avenue is our home. It is also a Building with a Purpose – to deliver a first-rate education with a female-forward focus in service to our growing population of students, families, and alumnae – and our building needs your help.

Why Now?

Orchard House bought this circa 1910 building in 2004, extensively renovating and uplifting it to serve the daily needs of 80+ girls, as well as to host community events where we can share our expertise. A recent facilities audit revealed immediate critical needs: window restoration, brick repointing, and roof repairs. We must raise $500,000 for the repairs, and construction must start the summer of 2019 to repair water damage caused by leaks and to prevent more serious issues from arising. Your gift will enable us to continue our stewardship of this historical gem while focusing on what we do best: educating middle-school girls in a place they consider a second home.

Why Care?

Every day, girls enter Orchard House with energy, curiosity, and delight. This is the place where hundreds who came before them have developed their resiliency, discovered their passions, and found “sisters” for life. You can ensure that hundreds more will grow into their true selves in this beloved building by supporting the windows, walls, and roof that house these developing young women! Help us take care of our building, so that the dedicated faculty and staff of Orchard House can continue to focus solely on taking care of our girls.


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