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Clubs and Groups

At Orchard House we have several opportunities for girls to get involved with different clubs. Our girls foster relationships with other grades, develop community enrichment programs, and have the opportunity to delve deeper into areas of interest through their participation in groups and clubs.


Open to all girls, with no audition required, this once-a-week, after-school club emphasizes the joy of singing while introducing proper vocal technique, sight-singing, solo work, and multi-part harmonies, all while exploring a wide variety of choral repertoire. In addition to performing at Winter Ceremony and the end-of-quarter Studios, the chorus participates in a number of other performance opportunities, both at school and off campus.


Literary Magazine

Each week the Literary Magazine club reads submissions and discusses them in terms of their thematic elements, style, and impact as a piece of the larger puzzle of their ever-expanding Volume 1. So far they have poetry, fiction, personal narrative, visual art, photography, and multimedia submissions. The energy is high but focused, and it's clear the small team is enjoying having an extracurricular project that values their knack for literary analysis.

Mirror Mirror

This mixed-grade group meets weekly during lunch to discuss a range of topics from body image to female empowerment to girls finding their voice.  Girls discuss their strengths and recognize that each person offers something different.  They strive to celebrate their own beauty without being critical of others. Mirror Mirror celebrates female heroes of all kinds and recognizes that being women should never hold us back from going after a dream.  

We use music, videos, and social media to address body image, gender issues, the misrepresentation and sexualization of women, among other relevant topics.  We focus on the beauty that is inside all of us, realizing that when we are able to see that in ourselves, it makes it easier to ‘mirror’ that out to others and into the community and the world at large.



RED Group

RED Group (Respecting Everyone’s Differences) is a student group whose members use their personal and collective voice to raise awareness of the diversity, varying perspectives, and inequities within their communities.