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Orchard House GIRLS R.U.L.E.

Orchard House GIRLS R.U.L.E.
(Respect, Understand, and Love Earth)

Earth Day Announcement!

Happy EARTH Day/Week!! We want to thank all of the OHS community for helping us R.U.L.E.!  Today the sixth grade announced how we helped the Earth through our R.U.L.E. program points that we earn from our collection throughout the year. We…

  • Provided eight people with drinking water for a week
  • Adopted 10,800 sq feet of wildlife land
  • Removed over a ton of pounds of carbon from the atmosphere
  • Provided a meal for two Americans facing hunger
  • Provided a blind child with 20 sheets of Braille paper
  • Protected six acres of rainforest for one year
  • Supported the Product Stewardship Institute, reducing carbon emissions

So keep up the great work helping our planet and others!  
This week, we would like to encourage you and your families to do the following so we continue to R.U.L.E!!!

Try to not use your car—take a walk instead! Don’t watch TV or hang out with your phone. Go outside and play instead! Consider running your washer on the cold cycle.

Plant your spring flowers, start your garden, or even plant a tree! Make sure you give it plenty of water so that it can grow strong throughout the season.

Monday Earth Day!:
Go for a walk around your neighborhood collecting any unfound Easter eggs.  Pick up any wrappers, plastic, or waste you may find as well. Suggestion: This year you could consider hiding hard-boiled Easter eggs instead of the plastic ones.  They are biodegradable if never found and may even be a tasty treat for a little critter.

Pack your lunch without any one-time-use plastics!  Use reusable Tupperware, silverware, and water bottles.

Turn Off the Lights!!  Don’t forget to unplug or turn off devices not in use.  Wasting energy contributes more to our carbon footprint polluting our air.

Don’t forget your Reusable Grocery Bags.  Stopping by the store to pick up some things for the weekend?  Take your reusable bags to reduce the amount of plastic bags you have been collecting at home.  Also, go ahead and recycle those plastic bags at the receptacle found at many grocery store entrances.

Upcycle Day!  Reduce our waste by reusing a recycled item and upcycling it into something new! For example take an old shirt, cut it in half, and make a dog toy! Feel free to bring in your creation next week to share with us!

Don’t run your faucets while brushing your teeth. Clean out your closets collecting items to donate. Take a look through your pantry, making sure you keep note and collect items you can recycle and R.U.L.E!!

With all of our help and attention together, we can remind ourselves to do what we can to take care of our planet!  You R.U.L.E. Thanks!