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OHS Basketball: High Fives and Smiles

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Each one of the OHS basketball teams had games this week, and they didn't disappoint! First up, the 6th Grade team faced St. Bridget's.

The teams were well-matched, with the ball spending as much time on one side of the court as the other. There was one catch, though--with no subs until the final ten minutes of the game, Orchard House was all in the entire time, using strategic timeouts to rest and leaving it up to the point guard to set the pace with a steady, methodical drive to the basket.

Pass plays were integral to the 6th Graders' style, saving energy by keeping individual drives to a minimum.











Above all, no number of subs or timeouts could outshine the most compelling quality of the 6th grade team--their utter positivity. Even while trailing behind their opponents with no significant time for rest, they played hard, encouraged each other, laughed, and high fived like champions.

Tuesday evening, both the 7th and 8th Graders faced off against some challenging teams. The 7th Graders battled Collegiate fiercely.

Defense was the name of the game, as the Cougars were not shy about heading right to the basket, but anyone sitting in the bleachers will tell you that OHS defense is no joke. Check out these shots of the 7s shutting the offense down:

In spite of the strong level of competition, the 7s toughed it out, making for a scrappy defensive line and an offense unafraid to take shots.

After having suffered from a lineup of injuries and illnesses, the 8th Graders brought their freshly healed limbs, their tenacious and positive attitudes, and most definitely their A game.

As was the case with the 7th Graders, the 8th Grade defense was not interested in letting anyone through, being sure to press hard for the ball when it would've been more comfortable to back off. 

Overall, the 8s served up jumpers and a good attitude, congratulating each other and checking in with opponents after falls. A job well done to all Orchard House basketball players this week!