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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Have you met Grace, our new girl? She may be quiet, but she is on the move! Grace is the 2018-19 Orchard House Annual Fund mascot, and you can find her climbing the front stairs at school, leaping over hurdles as she goes from the first floor to the third. Despite her two-dimensionality, we’ve set her racing to show our girls a role model for community giving. Why did we name her Grace? It’s an acronym, of course: Great Results Achieved through Committed Engagement.

In celebration of our 20 years of educating and inspiring middle school girls, we aim once again to see 100% Annual Fund participation from our faculty and staff, board, and OHS families.  Last year, the families of our entire student body each contributed to the Annual Fund, and we believe our families can work together again to meet that goal by December 19. Grace will track our progress.  

Grace's race includes three 100% hurdles, each representing a particular OHS group. She will pass the first hurdle when all of the faculty and staff have given, and the second when every trustee on the board has committed to donate. Grace’s final hurdle is the most important, because it represents the largest segment of our OHS community: our families.

As our purple-and-teal girl advances up the stairs and jumps these hurdles, she will “talk” to the students via posted “thought bubbles” that focus on goal setting, persistence, and giving back to your community. Orchard House girls already demonstrate that they know the importance of community engagement through their class service projects each year. But reinforcing that awareness can’t hurt, especially when Grace reminds them that OHS is a community worthy of their support. While last year the grade levels competed against one another to achieve 100% Annual-Fund participation, this year we hope to reach the goal as a collective student – and family – body.

During this Annual Fund campaign, Orchard House will accept pledges and gifts through December 19 (the last day before winter break begins).  Pledges should be fulfilled by June 30, 2019. Receiving contributions sooner helps OHS plan the upcoming 2019-20 budget year more accurately, but a gift at any time will be welcomed with hearty thanks! The important thing is for all members of our community to work together to support our school. Keep an eye on Grace, and take your part in helping her clear that final hurdle of 100% family participation. We can then all cheer as she crosses the finish line!