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Physical Health & Wellbeing

The physical education program at Orchard House School lays the foundation for a lifetime of healthy activity—and healthy decision making. It emphasizes the mental and physical benefits of exercise and sports and a girl's mental and physical development.

We use the city of Richmond as our playground. Our students walk and run along Monument Avenue and travel by school bus to city fields. We exercise outdoors and in, engaging in heart-rate raising exercise from field hockey, basketball and lacrosse to flag football, Capture the Flag and a school favorite, broom ball.

Our health program is integrated into our P.E. curriculum, as well. In fact, one quarter of each school year is devoted to health education.

This developmentally-tailored curriculum covers topics such as body image, nutrition, self-care and sex and drug education. Our comprehensive approach to health and well-being empowers our students to set goals and to incorporate healthy behaviors into their daily life in middle school and beyond.