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The basic premise underlying the English program at Orchard House School is that each girl thrives when she becomes an active reader.

Girls in all grades are given the chance to read books of their own choosing, and we have a comfortable and lively English room where girls can savor their reading time.

Teacher-selected books and prose in a variety of genres are thoughtfully chosen to promote reading comprehension, vocabulary development, analytical challenge, and critical thinking skills. Class discussions abound.

Writing also takes center stage as girls learn to use the power of their own voice and pen. We teach skillful language usage through creative writing in a variety of formats, from short story writing and poetry to persuasive and comprehensive essays.

Writing workshop is also a critical part of our program. During this time, lessons are often driven by student need rather than prescribed curriculum.

Through our program, we strive to cultivate the awareness in each girl that she has access to a world of learning and that she maps her own journey.