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CORE is the heart of Orchard House.  It is integrated into the academic and social experiences of each girl throughout her four years at our school.   Orchard House School prepares girls to be engaged in the communities in which they learn, live and love.  CORE – connections, openness, resilience and engagement – focuses on each girl exploring her own interests, talents and personality, in order to understand herself and to develop a positive self-image.    OHS provides opportunities to value and respect, to learn from others, and to forge lasting connections.  Our vision for each Orchard House School graduate is a girl who has the tools and confidence to:

  • Make connections through interactions with others and by connecting her own thoughts and ideas
  • Be open to new ideas, experiences and people
  • Remain resilient and courageous when confronted with challenges and adversity
  • Be engaged as a citizen of the world

The goal of CORE is that each girl emerges from Orchard House School with the skills, interests and abilities to be a positive contributor throughout her entire life.