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Back to School Tips

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

It’s that time again! While everyone is out enjoying the last bits of summer, we’re sharpening our pencils, breaking in new notebooks, and waiting patiently to greet students as they pour in next week.

In between putting spine labels on library books and rearranging classrooms, we asked the Orchard House faculty to share their best tips for getting ready for the new school year.

Gearing Up

Start getting up early. Eat breakfast. Figure out your carpool ahead of time. (Ms. Brookman)

Win the morning by preparing the night before. (Ms. Smith)

Lay out your clothes the night before. (Ms. Russo)

Make sure you get enough sleep and eat a good breakfast. (Ms. Payne)

Protect your sleep. (Ms. Smith)

Get into the routine of going to bed early. (Mr. Stevens)

Gather your items, including your clothing, the night before. (Ms. Stickley)

The Nitty Gritty

Put your name on all your stuff. Your clothes, your water bottle― (Ms. Horner)

Everything. Put your name on everything. (Ms. Lafoon)

Start with your least favorite task and end with your most favorite. (Ms. Pelnik)

Know the carpool rules and follow them! (Ms. Horner)

Get in the habit of checking your backpack before you walk out the door. (Ms. Anderson)

Transfer all the key dates to your planner at the beginning of the year, including all your extracurricular activities. (Sra. Jones)

Acknowledge your true self and plan accordingly―if it seems unlikely that you’ll be able to stick to a routine that works for someone else, change your approach until you find something that works for you. (Mr. Ward)

The 5-Minute Rule: Try something for 5 minutes, and if you aren’t getting it, bring it in the very next morning and let your teacher know at the beginning of class. (Ms. Pelnik)

Staying Grounded

Be mindful. Take 5 minutes to breathe when you wake up and set your intention for having a good day. (Ms. Anderson)

Don’t get overwhelmed. (Mr. Hollander)

From day one, reach out to girls in other grades. We are a community of 80. (Ms. Lafoon)

Be Curious. (Ms. Freeman)

Consider fear as an opportunity, not as a barrier. (Ms. Haskins)

Be excited, because I am. (Ms. Arthur)