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Alumnae Spotlight: Kate Townes Schiefelbein

Friday, January 18, 2019

The Orchard House School girl has many versions. Our alumnae are reflections of our Mission and commitment to support girls as they take risks and develop their authentic selves.

In our 20th year, we are offering a showcase of our alumnae to highlight what they have been up to since their time in middle school. Our first Alumnae Spotlight is Kate Townes Schiefelbein, who is currently serving her first term on the OHS Board of Trustees.


Kate at her May 2017 wedding


Kate Townes Schiefelbein

2004 Graduate of Orchard House

Orchard House School Board of Trustees


High School/College:

Atlee High School/University of Lynchburg (formerly Lynchburg College)


What are you doing now?

Working on a wealth management team at BB&T Scott & Stringfellow.


How has Orchard House remained with you through the years?

Orchard House allows girls to develop their growth individually with opportunities to explore avenues they may not normally explore - through dance, art, theater, music, etc. Trying activities you may not have picked for yourself, but learning if you try, you might find something you enjoy. I’ve found myself “trying” throughout my life just to see if I’d be interested - whether it be a unique food or a college course. I “tried” economics in college and ended up with a degree in it. I also “tried” escargot and found I don’t care for it much... 


What’s your favorite memory?

I loved town meetings every Friday morning. It was always an open platform to speak your truth and hear everyone else’s. I never felt pressured to keep quiet or speak up. But when I did say something, I always felt supported by my classmates and the faculty.  We sometimes played a game (maybe duck duck goose). It’s always nice to start your day with a smile, laughter, and sense of community. 


What was the biggest way you changed during your years at Orchard House?

Orchard House allowed me to discover and LOVE me for me, as a unique individual - who matters. I felt confident with myself, being unapologetically me.