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Application Process

We invite you to inquire about Orchard House School and availability of space at any time during the year.  Please see below for more detailed information on our application process.  

To further Orchard House School’s goal to be an environmentally green school, all admissions information, applications, and forms are available here on our website. Please partner with us in this effort by completing parent and student applications online. 

Interviews and Visitation Day

Fifth Grade Applicants: Once your applications are complete you may sign up for an interview.  Please make sure you have given your school or Melody Imburg your completed Request for Records form prior to your visit.

Sixth-Eighth Grade Applicants:  Once your applications are complete, Melody Imburg will contact you to schedule a visitation day. Print out and complete the Minor Visitation Permission Form and bring it with you the day of your visit. Please make sure you have given your school or Melody Imburg your completed Request for Records form prior to your visit.


If you do not need to save the application for multiple visits, please complete them here:
Parent Application
Student Application


Completed Application Steps

By February 21, 2020 for initial Admissions' decisions

  • Parent and student applications submitted 
  • $50 application fee received by Orchard House School
  • Release of Records form received by Orchard House School
  • Records received by Orchard House School
  • Teacher Assessment received by Orchard House School
  • Parent and student interviews completed
  • Student onsite writing sample completed day of interview
  • Student onsite math assessment completed day of interview
  • Full day visit for students applying for sixth through eighth grade

An onsite writing and math sample is required at the time of the interview. A full day visitation will be required for any student applying for the sixth through eighth grade.

Once parent and student applications are received by Orchard House, an interview will be scheduled for the student and her family. A link to the sign up will be provided. Plan on an hour and a half for this part of the process. Students will interview and complete the onsite requirements during the first portion of the scheduled time.   If you can not find a time that works for your family, please contact Melody Imburg to arrange another time.


Form Submission

The forms required to complete each step in the process can be accessed through the provided link.

  • Parent and student applications:
    • The online applications may be completed at one time, no login account required.
    • The online applications can be saved and completed at a later time.  An online account will need to be created. If you need help creating a username and password, please email (link sends e-mail). 
    • If you require a paper copy of the applications, please email Melody Imburg at,
  • Release of Records form sent by family to Orchard House School.
  • Teacher Assessment form given to current teacher or one who knows student well.
  • Initial Admissions' decisions made by February 28, 2020.  Admissions' decisions will continue on a rolling-basis after this date as space permits.
  • Tuition Assistance decisions: by February 28, 2020.
Factors in Enrollment Decisions
  • the student’s desire to learn
  • the student’s potential to respond to a challenging course of study
  • the student’s awareness of and interest in an emerging sense of self
  • given the school’s resources, the ability of Orchard House to meet a student’s needs
  • the student’s report cards
  • the student’s tardiness and attendance records
  • the student’s scores on standardized tests
  • teacher assessments
  • family and student interview
  • family and student applications
  • student onsite writing sample
  • student onsite math assessment