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Why a Girls' Middle School & Why 5th Grade?

Why a Girls’ Middle School?

Repeatedly, research shows girls learn best in a single-sex environment, especially in middle school. At Orchard House School, our programs and practices are guided by what works best for girls.

Based on a wealth of brain, gender, developmental and social research, we’ve created an effective, specially tailored program geared toward helping girls succeed—in middle school and beyond. 

For more information about the benefits of single-sex education, visit The National Coalition of Girls’ Schools.

Why 5th?

Ground-breaking work by Orchard House School’s founding head, Nancy Davies, as well as other research shows how girls in grade five are at a critical stage in their development. It’s an exciting time in their lives, both intellectually and personally.

Beginning middle school in 5th grade is one of our guiding principles. It’s that important.

We invite you to read Nancy Davies’s piece, “Why 5th?” to learn more about why 5th grade is key to both a middle school girl’s development and to Orchard House School’s comprehensive four year experience.