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About Us

Orchard House School is a carefully designed, middle school for girls in grades five through eight, located in Richmond, Virginia’s Historic Fan District.

Every aspect of the Orchard House School education is deliberately based on the developmental and academic needs of our girls. We provide specific training in organization and study skills and foster an inclusive community that reinforces positive social skills. We have been recognized by national leaders in girls’ education for our academic programs and hands-on approach to math, science and technology. Our comprehensive arts program comprised of drama, visual arts, dance and music, as well as our physical education program and after-school athletic teams, round out the middle school years of our students.

We honor our planned vision for the school by welcoming girls of varying abilities that come from over 20 different schools and zip codes. Our curriculum and programs succeed in fostering personal and academic excellence. We are proud of our graduates as they return to diverse public, private, parochial and governor’s high schools and are consistently recognized for their achievements, talents and contributions. Leadership is at the heart of the curriculum. This program is designed to ensure that our girls have the skills and opportunities to develop a sense of leadership and commitment to the broader community.