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6th Grade Dictionary

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The 6th Graders created their own words during their study of etymology and parts of speech. They were nercited to share them with each other but soon realized they were being focy about the scervous parts of public speaking and needed to resolve their mifusion by putting their neologisms into a 6th Grade dictionary. Indulge your readesion by familiarizing yourself with this vocabulary, and you’ll no longer be the nodon in conversations with the 6s.


cegacorn (n.) – a horse with wings and a horn

clopping (v.) – shopping for clothes

cuggly (adj.) – used to describe something that is so ugly it’s cute

focy (adj.) – when someone is so focused it is funny

fusting (adj.) – when something is so disgusting it is funny

harrying (v.) – crying for a happy reason

icedae (n.) – an ice-cream sundae

indispondentable (adj.) – beautiful, irresistible and amazing

mifused (adj.) – not knowing whether to follow your heart or your head

mineroom (n.) – a room where you can mine for gold and diamonds

nercited (adj.) – a combination of being nervous and excited

nodon (n.) – the person in a conversation who has no idea about what is being talked about but goes along nodding like they understand anyway

oreoless (adj.) – when someone opens the bag of Oreos and finds there aren’t any left

paffy (adj.) – when something is so painful it is funny

parknastics (n.) – gymnastics in the park

pretopian (adj.) – right before a Utopia or Dystopia is founded

readesion (n.) – a love of reading

scervous (adj.) – feeling scared and nervous at the same time

shaseign (n.) – a shade that has a design on it

smad (adj.) – when you’re sad and mad about something

treecoverquilt (n.) – a quilt that ties into the ground by a post so that a tree does not die in winter

veprother (n.) – a very protective mother