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The 100 Fears of Orchard House School

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Every Monday and Friday, the entire school comes together in our auditorium for a Morning Meeting. Students make announcements, highlight their classmates’ accomplishments and congratulate them, go over the finer points of logistical issues like the Lost and Found Bin, conduct singalongs, and get to know each other better.

Last week, we talked a bit about fear and asked that the girls share some of their fears with us. Many shared more than one fear, and we ended up with a total of 100 Fears.

Here’s a breakdown of the stats―

Head of School Laura Haskins shared in her post about courage how important it can be to share our fears with one another, to illuminate community, to build relationships via shared experiences, and to model healthy ways of confronting and acknowledging fears.

Please join us this Thursday as Michelle Poler shares her expertise on viewing our fears as necessary components of courage, using them to expand our ordinary courage, and imparting this to our children.